Sunday, November 4, 2012

Scandalous Motives 2: Relentless Ambitions (Revised Edition)

The saga continues as this sequel to “Scandalous Motives” will continue to keep you on edge with its many twists and turns. Our heroine, Waynell Deveraux, after going through a distressing divorce with Brian, a one-sided affair with Walter, and finding out her real mother’s identity, she manages to rearrange her life, receiving a inheritance from her Grandfather, making her a brand new multi-millionaire. She now has over watch of the secret society, the Guild, as her new found mother, Ms. Tangie Laurie slowly weans her into authority. Meanwhile, Shareefah and Regina persist to explore their hearts for a tangible resolution to their relationship, but Bradford, Regina’s down-low love interest is trying his best to come between the two, making Regina his cover woman, keeping his secret love affair with Roderick in the closet. Fredericka and Javon’s quest for a child of their own, takes an innovative twist, as Maxwell will not let his past relationship with Ratasha end. Their lives continue to change as they continue to engage in the deepest and darkest sexual indiscretions known to man. Everyone involved will find himself or herself caught in the middle as so many temptations and sexual desires have domination over them like an addictive drug, which always seems to dominate each one of their lives. They cannot help themselves as they engulfed with intrigue! Today is a new day, which each one will experience sexual pleasures that they know are forbidden, as all involved will embark on a journey that will propel them deep into the dark side of sexual sin. One that will show them pleasures they never imagined.

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