Sunday, November 4, 2012

Scandalous Motives 3: Heartless Reactions

Redsnapper is back with the third thrilling installment of his “Scandalous Motives” Series - where people will do anything to get love, no matter who gets hurt!” The saga continues as this sequel to “Scandalous Motives: Relentless Ambitions” will continue to keep you on edge with its many innovative twists and turns. Shareefah and Regina persist to explore their hearts for a tangible resolution to their relationship, which leads them to seek membership in the infamous “Guild.” Bradford, Regina’s down-low love interest finds out that he does not have the upper hand, as he tries desperately to hold on to Regina and his newfound male love interest. Kyle is very confused as he tries to come to grips with his newfound sexual addition, as he tries to convince Shareefah that he is the man for her. Fredericka moves own with her life, finding a new love interest in the form of her physical therapist, while her husband, Javon’s quest continues to take him deeper into a relationship that he really does not want any part of, as Ratasha tries to use their son as a pawn to manipulate him. Waynell steps her game up, establishing new rules for the “Guild,” as she allows the sex to get more and more freaky by the minute! Their lives continue to change as they continue to engage in the deepest and darkest sexual indiscretions known to man. Everyone involved will find himself or herself caught in the middle as so many temptations and sexual desires have domination over them. They cannot help themselves as they engulfed with intrigue! Today is a new day, which each one will experience sexual pleasures that they know are forbidden, as all involved will embark on a journey that will propel them deep into the dark side of sexual sin. One that will show them pleasures they never imagined.

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