Saturday, December 8, 2012

Coming Soon - Sensuous Whispers:” The Foundation of the Guild - A Sensuous Social Order by Redsnapper

During a time in American history when African-American’s weren’t allowed to associate with any white social orders, African-American’s formed many social outlets to provide themselves with many types of venues of entertainment.
From this movement came many clubs and organizations for Negroes, from dance halls, churches, fraternal organizations, Masonic institutions, and juke joints to the high society associations founded for the African-American Elite.
Many of these Negro only organizations were open to the public, but there were some that were exclusively undisclosed and discreet with the only method of becoming a member was to be “tapped” and later initiated. Thus, the formation of the Guild was established!
Founded in early 1939, this sexually stimulating confidential society formed under the premise of establishing a mutual sexual association within its membership. Maintaining countless sexual practices among those who were chosen to obtain it.
Passed down through various generations, the Order of the Guild had always played a vast and strategic role within the Laurie Family and has contributed to the immeasurable success of their company’s development and triumphant accomplishments.
For decades, the Laurie Family has always provided the sound leadership needed for this stealthy society since its founding by Eva Lynn Bouvier-Laurie, who was the wife of the distinguished textile billionaire tycoon Joseph Weldon Laurie.
During his reign as President of Laurie Textiles, Joseph Weldon Laurie was at one time not only one of the richest African-American man in his city, but one of the richest men in the United States, alongside many of the wealthiest Americans, such as John D. Rockefeller, Jr., Peter Lewis, and Thomas Kearns. Come…witness firsthand how this glorious and prodigious organization came into existence and become catapulted into the world known as the GUILD!

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