Sunday, November 4, 2012

Scandalous Motives 4: The Collaspe of a Creole Sovereignty

This is the fourth and final installment of the Scandalous Motives series which will bring you up to present-day with a decade now passed for our heroine and her outlandish and chaotic acquaintances. Waynell Deveraux who was finally emancipated from the clutches of her demented and deranged ex-husband, Brian Deveraux who was later mysteriously murdered is placed in a bizarre and staggering dilemma, she finds out that she s pregnant with child, but who s the father? Could this be a curse in which Brian Deveraux still has a hold on her even in death or did Waynell slip during her one-sided affair with Hip-Hop Music Mogul Demarco Reed and conceive an unintended love child, or maybe she secretly rekindled her uncanny sexual affair with her fanatical old playmate Walter Hawkins? Meanwhile, Shareefah and Regina again find themselves in another emotional love roller-coaster in which they are caught up, seeking a meaningful and lasting relationship, but wait there s seems to be another character in the mist that could make it problematical for Regina to regain her place with Shareefah...but who could that be? In the meantime, Bradford Jackson, Regina s down-low and outrageous husband is back at his old tricks again as he plunges fast for a new-found male lover and wants to now depart his wife and cleave on him. Fredericka is again about to lose her husband, but this time Fredericka s the one who s doing the soul searching as she tries to come to grips with her own feelings. Could it be that she desires to regain her previous relationship with Javon or is there someone new in the mist? Dr. Javon James finally comes to grips with the notion that he still loves his ex-wife Fredericka and sets out on a quest to regain her love, and it becomes his obsession, does he succeed in his efforts or does she turn him down cold? Their lives continue to change as they continue to engage in the deepest and darkest sexual indiscretions known to man. Everyone involved will find himself or herself caught in the middle as so many temptations and sexual desires have domination over them like an addictive drug, which always seems to dominate each one of their lives. They cannot help themselves as they engulfed with intrigue! Today is a new day, which each one will experience sexual pleasures that they know are forbidden, as all involved will embark on a journey that will propel them deep into the dark side of sexual sin. One that will show them pleasures they never imagined.

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