Friday, April 26, 2013

Fire & Desire : An Urban Romance Anthology from Passion Ink Press

In the mist of love, sex, and happiness lies truth. Many times those truths are lived in variations of the tabooed. When you place the minds and styles of award winning writers into an urban romance cauldron and add the essences of up and coming artists, you get a hot ass product that grabs you and pulls you into an erotically sensual world of sex, love, and happiness like you’ve never imagined.

FIRE & DESIRE brings you up close and personal with the erotic and sensual creations of our award winning team of featured writers like Omar Tyree, Sheila Goss, Elissa Gabrielle, Stacy L. Moor, Red Snapper, Rory Sheriff, The Poetiquette One, Patricia Bridewell, and Sh’Moore.  As these artists get  the temperature climbing with their tales of intimacy, the mood is heightened when the blend is seasoned with the erotic and romantic contributions from the pens of Souraya Christine, Nykole, Ma’Desa, Darrin Moxam, C. Highsmith-Hooks, Nikki Moore, Shavonda Simmons, Andrew Johnson, Drica Armstrong, Bella, Nefertari Imani Baraka, Cleo Stinyard and a tasteful selection of others. Each author places the reader in an omniscient vantage point of being the extra party to seductive sessions of passionate expressions in short stories and poetry.

As the meter ranges from sexy to muy caliente, in FIRE & DESIRE, you will find exactly what your truth is when it comes to urban lit and romance. Each page you turn brings you closer to that blissful nectar your taste buds seek as you explore the crevices of this flavorful mix only to result in an explosion of satisfaction once your interest is piqued and your thirst is quenched. Ready for your serving?
Let our collection of masterful literary chef’s place your palate as you partake of our fiery and desirable menu.

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