Friday, March 2, 2012

The New Paranormal Erotic Thriller: The Peculiar Ones: The Plantation at Windsor Ruins; The Dark Legends Series Book One

In 1780, Prince Adeife (Ah-deh-EE-feh), once the crown prince of a prominent African Nation, seeks the help of the infamous Count Dracula in suppressing the African slave trade. Dracula, who along with his other evils is revealed as a racist, not only refuses to help, but also transforms Adeife into a vampire. After years of conflict with several tribes in Africa, feeding on the blood of these rival nations, his people are finally captured and sold into the very institution that he was fighting to suppress and are forced to travel to the United States against their will.

After several years of captivity and quickly becoming familiar with the ways of American, the vampire slaves portrayed the role of the ignorant slave by day, but by night they roamed the region feeding on the very souls of those who treated them immoral.

Tonight you will experience blood sucking revenge and sexual pleasures that you didn’t know existed, as Prince Adeife and his legend of African vampires embarks on a journey that will catapult them to the dark side of their desires as well as the shadowy corner of vengeance. When they find themselves transported through a door between worlds believed to be closed for all time and lands in the magical circle of vampirism, they know that their lives will never be the same. One that will show them pleasures they never imagined as they demand vengeance from the race that made them the Peculiar Ones!

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